Sport NSW Membership

Sport NSW is the peak body for sport in the state, existing to support its Members and promote, strengthen and advocate for the sector so that more people and communities in NSW enjoy the significant benefits sport and active recreation provides.

Local Councils, State Sporting Organisations, Disability State Sporting Organisations, plus any person, organisation or business who has an interest in sport and active recreation can seek membership with Sport NSW.

A membership with Sport NSW has many associated benefits, some of which include;

  • Engagement with other sporting organisations and relevant groups, including knowledge sharing and collaboration on a range of relevant topics.
  • Be represented in regular dialogue with the Minister for Sport and NSW Office of Sport.
  • Consultation on relevant topics such as inclusive sport.
  • Attend and nominate award recipients for the prestigious NSW Champions of Sport Awards and NSW Community Sports Awards.
  • Opportunity to participate in Sport NSW programs.
  • Utilise Sport NSW networks to engage with other members and relevant groups on topics such as participation, facilities and infrastructure.
  • Access to resources, information, templates and exclusive industry research.
  • Access to, and priority engaging in, professional development opportunities, training courses and industry specific projects.
  • Access to free or low cost industry educational opportunities, such as the annual Sport NSW Conferences.
  • Increase awareness of your organisation’s events, achievements and/or services.

To learn more about the Sport NSW membership categories, and each of their associated benefits, please refer to below.


Membership Categories

Voting Membership 

The voting membership is for State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) and State Sporting Organisations with a Disability (SSODs). The voting membership includes five categories, based on the number of participants across each sport.

Category 01 – Full (100K + Participants)

Category 02 – Full (50K – 100K Participants)

Category 03 – Full (10K – 50K Participants)

Category 04 – Full (Up to 10K Participants)

Category 05 – Full (Combined Regional Academies)

To learn more about our Voting Memberships, please click here.

Non-voting Membership

Non-voing members include a range of not-for-profit organisations, and not-for-profit sporting clubs. Sport NSW works across all intersections of the sporting sector, engaging with a range of sporting clubs, active recreation providers, school/ university sport organisations, venue and facility operators, health and education partners. These groups are engaged through our associate membership.

Category 07 – Associate (Not-for-profit organisations)

Category 08 – Associate (Not-for-profit sporting clubs)

To learn more about our Non-voting Memberships, please click here.

NSW Local Government Membership (Non-voting)

The NSW Local Government membership is for councils across the state, including those in both metro and regional areas. Sport NSW actively engages with member councils and supports them in bringing together key community demographics under the auspice of sport and active recreation.

To learn more about our Local Government Membership, please click here (prospectus to come).