Active Abilities Series

Sport NSW is delighted to announce the launch of the Active Abilities Series by people with a disability, for people with a disability.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sport NSW, identified the scarcity of specific online exercise content for people with a disability – despite the increasing options for able-bodied people.

Sport NSW collaborated with Rachelle Sultana, Head Exercise Physiologist at Healthstin, seven incredible NSW and Australian representative athletes from across the physical, sensory and intellectual disability spectrum, and the team from Hustle Media to create workout sessions for people with disabilities.

The Program features three levels: 10-minute introductory, 15-minute intermediate and 30-minute sport participant exercises that are designed for the range of disabilities below. To view each of the programs, please click the links below.

Preview Video


Sensory Disability Group

Blind or Low Vision

Beginner Program Ft. Tyan Taylor

Intermediate Program Ft. Tyan Taylor

Advanced Program Ft. Tyan Taylor

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Beginner Program Ft. Peta Ware

Intermediate Program Ft. Peta Ware

Advanced Program Ft. Peta Ware


Intellectual Disability Group


Beginner Program Ft. Annabelle Johnson

Intermediate Program Ft. Annabelle Johnson

Advanced Program Ft. Annabelle Johnson

Down Syndrome

Athlete Introduction Ft. Ellen Maher

Beginner Program Ft. Ellen Maher

Intermediate Program Ft. Ellen Maher

Advanced Program Ft. Ellen Maher

Acquired Brain Injury

Beginner Program Ft. Edward Parker

Intermediate Program Ft. Edward Parker

Advanced Program Ft. Edward Parker


Physical Disability Group

Cerebral Palsy

Athlete Introduction Ft. Rae Anderson

Beginner Program Ft. Rae Anderson

Intermediate Program Ft. Rae Anderson

Advanced Program Ft. Rae Anderson

Quadriplegia & Paraplegia

Athlete Introduction Ft. Eliza Ault-Connell

Beginner Program Ft. Eliza Ault-Connell

Intermediate Program Ft. Eliza Ault-Connell

Advanced Program Ft. Eliza Ault-Connell