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In 2016, Sport NSW led the way in collaborating with key stakeholders including Local Councils, State Sporting Organisations, Universities, as well as third party providers including NDIS and NSW State Government Departments to increase the awareness around opportunities for people with a disability, and in the greater inclusion space, within sport and active recreation.

Variety - The Children's Charity NSW has supported this initiative with their partnership through delivery of Activate Inclusion Sports Days in NSW across various Council regions each year. Students are provided the opportunity to try a number of sports in a positive and adaptive environment with specialised coaches on hand to run each activity.

Variety Activate Inclusion Sports Days (VAISD) give kids the opportunity to try sports they might otherwise miss out on. Aimed at kids aged 5-18 with learning difficulties, intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities,the days are an opportunity to have a go in a fun and inclusive environment.

Delivered by Disability Sport Australia - Sport NSW and Variety - The Children's Charity NSW also aim to provide superior knowledge to families, teachers and other active advocates in LGA communities by inviting community organisations such as Ability Links to attend the event and provide information on their services

Each day involves: 

  • a range of sports to try
  • specialised coaching
  • adaptive equipment
  • showbags
  • local sporting club exhibitors
  • access to community services
  • opportunities to network with other families and teachers

Activate Inclusion Sports Days encourage and empower kids to explore sporting opportunities in their local community. Benefits of attending the day include:

  • the health benefits of physical activity
  • building social wellbeing and friendship
  • strengthening balance, coordination andmobility skills
  • working as part of a team, collaborating andplanning
  • increased self-esteem through a sense of achievement

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Activate Inclusion - Cricket


Activate Inclusion - Tennis

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