Sport NSW Disability Inclusion Project


The NSW Government has provided funding to deliver inclusive sports activation days in areas affected by the COVID lockdowns. The project aims to support increasing opportunities for school aged children living with disabilities to participate in sports activities within their communities

The project will be delivered in three key streams:

Multi Sport Activity Days
•    8 Multi Sport Activity Days that will be delivered by Disability Sports Australia as additional days to the current Variety Activate Inclusion Days
•    Engage local sport providers, volunteers and council staff
•    Research and evaluation plan (SPRINTER)

Training and Education
•    Development and delivery of Sports Medicine Australia Sports Trainers Course
•    Delivery of adaptive sport community information sessions to support inclusive sport
•    Include local participants/athletes and providers on panels at these sessions
•    Provide information on inclusive sport resources
•    Additional meetings with SSO’s on barriers and needs for regular adaptive programs    

Networking Sessions
•    Online networking opportunities
•    Key-note speakers
•    Industry professionals
•    Case studies

Through the delivery of the multi-sport days, community education and networking events, the project aims to:
-    Understand how communities can collaborate with State Sporting Organisations to deliver more sustainable and integrated participation opportunities for people living with a disability

-    Understand the experiences of participants and their carers participating in community sport

The project will aim to provide insights and recommendations to improve outcomes for participants and sports

Variety Activate Inclusion Days

These multisport days are run in partnership with Sport NSW, Disability Sports Australia and Variety, and aim to promote the pathways for adaptive sport and active recreation programs in local community areas and encourage students with a disability to participate in community sport and active recreation on a regular basis.

Click here to find your local multi-sport event day.