Other Side of the Table - Partnership Announcement

Published Thu 14 Sep 2023



Sport NSW are excited to announce a renewed partnership with strategic negotiators, Other Side of the Table. Other Side of the Table commenced their partnership with Sport NSW in 2021 and since then have contributed to building the capability and capacity of the sector through their programs such as the Conscious Negotiator.

Sport NSW CEO Stuart Hodge said he is delighted to continue a partnership with Other Side of the Table and thanks to the partnership is looking forward to being able to provide the sector with an opportunity to access at specially negotiated rates Other Side of the Table’s new program Your Partnership Builder (launching in October). This program is for you if, you want to focus your commercial partnership efforts to build and execute a plan, guided by our industry experts, and supported by your industry peers.

"If your sport is pursing partnerships as part of your commercial strategy, we believe it should begin with creating a robust plan before going to market. To bolster your efforts, this October, we'll be launching our latest program - Your Partnership Builder. This 7-month interactive program equips you with the expertise, capabilities, and resources essential for crafting an actionable commercial partnership plan. Sam Trattles, CEO and Negotiation Strategist, Other Side of the Table

Sarah Procajlo (nee Sugar), Negotiation Strategist – Commercial Partnerships and Stewardship for Other Side of the Table says "We're excited to renew our relationship with Sport NSW, helping to drive partnership growth and development in sports across NSW. At Other Side, we're dedicated to empowering people with the skills and strategies they need to negotiate better outcomes.”

About Your Partnership Builder – Launching in late October 2023:

Are you in charge of growing partnership for your sport? Are you feeling the weight and constant pressure from across the organisation on ‘what’s happening with partnerships’? Or perhaps you’re unsure where to start to grow your partnerships. We get it, we’ve sat in those seats ourselves.

That’s why we created Your Partnership Builder – A 7-month interactive program that arms you with the knowledge, skills and tools to create an effective commercial partnership plan.

Pre-register now at www.jointheclubhouse.com.au

About Other Side of the Table: –

At Other Side, we're here for the non-negotiators.

We believe non-negotiators are really negotiators in waiting. For those in sport, through our skills programs and strategic solutions, we’ll empower you with the right mindset, skills, and strategy so you can walk into any room able to influence people and negotiate better outcomes with confidence.

Visit www.othersideofthetable.com.au to find out more.

Other Side of the Table – Empowering you to negotiate better outcomes.